Hedge Fund US-LLC

This sample hedge fund private placement memorandum structured and operates under Section 3(c)(1) of the Investment Company Act. This is an actual offering document used to raise investment. You simply update the document, have your legal counsel review it, and save thousands of dollars. This package includes the private placement memorandum, limited liability company (LLC) operating agreement and the investors subscription agreement. Structured with management fee, performance (carried interest) fee, lockup period, high water mark, and ERISA & tax summary.


  • PPM distribution list (excel)
  • LLC operating agreement for a hedge fund (Word-23 pages)
  • PPM (Offering Memorandum) template (Word-42 pages)
  • Investor questionnaire & Subscription Agreement (Word-21 pages)
  • Font used in the document (Avenir LT 35 Light) included

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